Hello! I'm a high school English teacher from Princeton High School in New Jersey. This is the mini course for Professional Development for Secondary English Language Arts Teachers offered by Teacher's Workshop, LLC.

As I explain in the video, I think there's serious value to hearing what's going on in other high school English classrooms. In the course, you'll get my explanation of various activities related to the course topics and receive all of my units, handouts, and activities. You'll be able to share your ideas on each topic with other teachers and get plenty of time to work independently to create a lesson or activity. I will email you a certificate of completion for 7 professional development credit hours. You should get approval from your district before enrolling.

I provided an example of a small project description. Once enrolled in the course, you'll be able to download my full 4-week unit on poetry (74 pages), short fiction unit, PowerPoints, etc.

Course topics include: podcasts, poetry, short fiction, the video essay, the teaching of writing, differentiation, literary techniques, and project-based learning.

Here is a link to enroll:

Teacher's Workshop

My email is [email protected]

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