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Join a fellow high school English teacher and discover ways to make the study of literature fun, relevant, and meaningful for all of your students. Learn how to make your teaching life easier and get better results.

PD for Secondary ELA Teachers

Virtual or Remote Learning for ELA Teachers

Project-Based Learning


Creative Writing

Podcasts as Literature

The Video Essay and Filmmaking

Poetry and Prosody, Rhythm and Rhyme

Short Fiction and Point of View

The Teaching of Writing

Literary Techniques

PD for New Secondary ELA Teachers

Handling the Paper Load

Teaching Shakespeare

Inspiring a Love of Reading

Exciting and Engaging Activities

Classroom Management

Balancing Joy and Rigor

Teaching as Performance

Flexibility and Grades

Outside the Classroom

Take a free mini course on PD for New ELA Teachers or PD for ELA Teachers. Visit The Teacher's Workshop to read my blog and learn more about me.

My courses focus on:

  - project-based, real world learning

  - working smart, not hard

  - simplifying the teaching of writing and literature

  - student-centered and small group learning

  - exciting classroom activities

  - stress-free learning

  - new technologies that enhance learning

  - establishing a positive classroom culture 

  - inspiring creativity

From feedback survey:

“The downloads are helpful. Some of the topics are ones that I struggle to make interesting for my students, and the ideas that Scott presents are great to help me engage my students … You've touched on most things I teach to my students … You're engaging and clearly love what you do. The projects you've created have given me great ideas to use in my own classes for the kids." - Jacqueline S. 

Transform your classroom into an exciting place where all of your students, not just some of them, become immersed in meaningful and exciting projects. Inspire your students to be enthusiastic about solving the world’s problems. See them bring positive energy into your classroom every time they walk in the door. Make teaching feel effortless and make your classroom a place with laughter and fun. I’ve developed my methods using extensive feedback from my students provided anonymously at the end of the year. You’ll learn proven conventional techniques and new techniques that unlock the imagination and deep thinking inside all of your students. No need to reinvent the wheel or spend countless hours browsing on social media sites looking for ideas. Immerse your students in the world of language that surrounds them, the language of novels, stories, poems, plays, movies, conversations, emails, social media, blogs, television, and songs. Teach students how to think for themselves and appreciate the beauty and power of language. 

I'll describe how I encourage creativity and curiosity in my classroom. In PD for Secondary ELA Teachers, you'll be able to download 100 resources including my units on short fiction, poetry, and Hamlet a $50 value).

At the end of the course, you'll get the time to reflect and plan, and participants will receive a certificate of completion with 10 PD credit hours. Individual districts or states approve the PD credit hours.

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Hi, I’m Scott Cameron and I've been teaching since 2004.

Over the years, I've discovered that it's not easy to create an engaging and fun activity for students. It's truly an art, and I find that I am most creative after a good conversation with a colleague. I started Teacher's Workshop to extend these kinds of conversations beyond the walls of our schools. Sometimes, professional development works for any teacher in any grade level or subject area. Sometimes, it's better to dive deep with teachers in your content area. Visit Teacher's Workshop to read my blog about literature and teaching and learn more. I also offer a course on How to Write an Excellent College Application Essay for teachers or students.

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